I am not a provider. I have an entirely different approach.

To me, intimacy is an essential form of self-expression and plays an important role in being truly fulfilled. If you are like me, your desires are far more complex than simplistic, superficial forms of a biological need. I am looking for someone who posseses both the intellectual and emotional complexity to understand this, and who can join me on that level of intimacy. As mentioned in my introduction, I believe that my gift is the ability to love. I find joy in discovering what makes you, you. I do not have the ability to physically open up to you without engaging on some emotional level. This creates the opportunity to experience something that makes us feel deeply alive.

I am this way for a couple of reasons. I absolutely adore men. My libidinous love for the opposite sex runs deep. I was also extremely lucky to have known love at the beginning of my adulthood that devastated my ideas on love and intimacy. This love took ownership of my soul, changed my life, and shaped who I am as a woman and as a lover. It was a rich, spiritual connection that I will never forget. The physical intensity of that relationship was so remarkable that I found myself reaching for it in every relationship that followed. It is almost an obsession for me. This is a perfect outlet because it allows me to find that when I meet with someone who has the depth to join me in that experience. If you are like me, your sexuality is a form of self-expression. I believe only the heart knows what the mind cannot explain. Sexuality can be a soulful way of expressing what is locked inside the heart.

It is freeing to go to a place where the boundaries are clean, yet freedom and connection have no bounds. This is a place where we can go as deep as we want to go without fear of disrupting the more fragile components of our daily lives. Here, the illicit and intimate can coexist, removing the paradox of having to choose between the two. It is my belief that they can not only exist together, but that the intimate can be the oxygen the illicit needs to maintain its heat. An emotional component will allow our physical intensity to reach a level that can not be reached any other way.

What is the best way to request a meeting?

My safety is paramount. A thorough screening is required after introductions. Please be sure to be thorough, truthful and forthcoming. Use the comments section to tell me as much as you can. I want to know everything. Initial introductions should be done here—rather than direct email. I am fanatical about discretion; so, please be assured that I treat any screening information as if it were my own—with extreme care. I have intimate, personal experience with all you are faced with losing should someone act carelessly with your information. After we have established trust, I will show you how to access my web app. The app will give you direct access to me, keep you up-to-date on any travel plans, give you early access to new photos, sexy selfies, new videos or web content before anyone else sees it here. You will also be able to post personal, private messages for me and schedule a continuance of our love affair in real time.

How do you prefer to handle the consideration?

My consideration should be in an UNSEALED envelope in plain sight WHEN I ARRIVE.

What can I do to ensure our time is pleasurable for you?

I am extremely aroused by a man who is brave and secure enough to remove himself from the state of who he is expected to be day-to-day and relinquish himself to the moment so that we can be free to experience the fullness of what a man and woman are meant to be together. I am turned on by how vulnerable you can be with me. I am turned on by how freely you can use your body to express what is inside your heart.

Reviews and The Erotic Review

At the time of my last review, I was ranked in the top 50 nationwide on The Erotic Review. This ranking brought the wrong type of attention from the wrong type of suitor. I decided to delist because I wanted to close myself off to a smaller, more esoteric group of suitors not found on the review boards. By contacting me, you are automatically agreeing not to post any reviews on TER or any other review website.

If someone wanted to bring you a gift, what sort of things do you like?

Remaining a true, adoring gentleman throughout our time together is the best gift you can possibly give me. If you still feel inspired to surprise me with something additional, I would adore a virtual gift card from Net-a-Porter.

I want more of you! Why don’t you have Twitter or Instagram accounts?

With respect to social media: As of now, my thoughts are that presenting myself is on social media means I am placing myself on the world-wide advertising stage. I do not find it necessary to advertise on a global scale; so, I decided to create my own web app that will give you a more intimate look into my more personal, private photos and thoughts. It will give you direct access to me, without having to over expose myself on social media. There, you will find a more personal, intimate side of me that is not shown to the public. You will also be able to set aside time together in real time.