Call me Erin. I am an exceptionally responsive woman with a wildly romantic heart. Expect to meet an extraordinarily warm and affectionate lady.

You will find my ideological outlook of my surroundings very unique. This perspective allows my mind and emotions to remain healthy and fresh and ever inspired to live in the moment. My perfect, libidinous love for the opposite sex allows my body and spirit to remain wide open to the endless possibilities of what is to come when we are alone. Everyone has a gift and mine is the ability to love. Though disconnect characterizes our daily lives, I connect on a deeper level for an experience that is unique to only us, simulating the feeling of falling in love. If you are like me, the unknown and forbidden nature of meeting this way is very exciting; the thrill of falling in love with a stranger is tantamount. What is even more exciting is a meaningful bond growing from that thrilling first encounter. Knowing it is not destined to endure, we savor each stolen, precious moment as we know it could be our last.

Location Nationwide, Tampa, FL
Availability Outcall
Height 5’3″
Weight 110 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Age 42
Clientele Men